Irradiation of Food. Food Irradiation. Canadian Food Inspection Agency

What foods are currently permitted to be irradiated and sold in Canada?
Currently, onions, potatoes, wheat, flour, whole wheat flour, and whole or ground spices and dehydrated seasonings are approved for irradiation and sale in Canada.

How can I tell if food has been irradiated?
irradiated – international symbol
Pre-packaged foods that have been wholly irradiated display the international radiation symbol, along with a statement that the product has been irradiated. Food that is not pre-packaged must have a sign with this information displayed beside the food.
Pre-packaged foods that contain an irradiated ingredient which is more than 10 per cent of the finished product must indicate in the list of ingredients that the component is irradiated. If the ingredient makes up less than 10 per cent of the finished product, it is exempt from the labelling requirements. Does irradiating tomatoes kill their nutrition value? – Expert responds

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