Garlic 17 June 2014 Garlic Scapes
Garlic scapes are forming. These can be cut off and used like normal garlic cloves. I will leave them on to form seeds pods in some cases and grow some new plants from seed next year. I am of the opinion that the cloves are larger if the seed pods are allowed to grow until harvest which is about 20 July this year, since the season is about two to three weeks late. My Chinese soft neck store garlic did not grow well, and the seeded garlic is also poor quality. 20 April 2014 Garlic Up
The garlic is up. The magic and my porcelain are all up. The supermarket softneck suffered some leaf damage but may survive. Not one bulbil came up. I will plant some seeds later this week to determine if the cold wintr was an issue. 4 October 2013 Planting Garlic
Four rows of garlic was planted. One row of bulbils saved from 2013 crop. Planted at five inch spacing. One row (48) of Music purchased in Stratford at the garlic festival. One and one half rows (72) of my own porcelain garlic saved from 2013 crop. One bulb (13) of supermarket soft neck from the Supermarket.Spacing in the row was six inches and the bottom of the clove was about two inches buried. The pointed top was covered with about an inch of soil. The clove was pressed down to make good soil contact.The rows were heavily mulched to retain moisture. 10 September 2013 Mulching Garlic Bed
A yard of wood chips was picked up from a city park and about 2/3 was placed on the garlic bed. This will accumulate and retain moisture, ready for planting about 20 October 2013. 8 September 2013 Preparing Garlic Bed
A garlic bed was prepared for planting garlic. The area is 24 feet by 4,room for about 200 plants, and was utilized for potatoes in 2013.The patch was rototilled, compost added, some urea (nitrogen) to speed up composting of wood chip mulch left over from the 2013 season. The planting rows were marked with 2 by 4’s and will be mulched heavily to retain moisture until planting about 20 October 2013

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