Home grinding masa.

http://www.durgan.org/URL/?NSTQC 19 June 2014 Home grinding masa
After some experimentation and research in my opinion the only practical home method to grind masa into flour is via a simple home blender, It is relatively cheap and most people have a blender. The nixtamalized wet masa is dried in my case about six hours in an excalibur dehydrator.The dried corn is placed in a blender and beat into flour. The end product is perfect flour for making tortillas.

The drying is an extra step, since it would be more convenient to make dough straight from the wet masa, but home masa grinders are usually inadequate according to most internet posts. I also have a Whisper Mill Flour Grinder which can grind the dry masa but this step is not required, since the blender grind is more than adequate. It is probably possible to dry the wet masa in the oven, but I never tried this method.

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