Making Tortillas. 19 June 2014 Making tortillas.
After some research and experimentation a method of making tortillas has been established. Ingredients are home produced masa and whole wheat flour from wheat, about as basic as one can get.

The masa flour was mixed in a bowl with adequate water and some whole wheat flour was added to add some gluten to hold the tortillas together better when handling for cooking. From 10% to 50% whole what flour has been used with success.The tortilla ball was placed on a parchment paper in the press. When pressed the top was raised and the parchment paper removed. The tortilla sticks to the top plate of the press. It is removed by running a knife blade between the press plate and the tortilla. The tortilla is cooked in a hot Teflon pan. Storage is in a sealed contained kept in the refrigerator. To revive, the tortilla is placed in the microwave for about 30 seconds.

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