Blueberry Juice 27 July 2014 Blueberry Juice
Blueberries are in season in my area. There are many local U pick farms. Today 33 pounds of choice berries were picked at Kent Kreek Farm in Simcoe, ON. The berries were priced at $2.75 per pound. Twenty three liter jars of juice was produced. The berries were processed in two batches. Seven liters of water was added to the berries in the pot and the berries ere cooked until soft. The cooked berries were blended into a slurry. There is little gross fiber in blueberries and they may be canned at this point, but I strain the slurry to remove any coarse material, which is very little. The residue from the screening was put through a Champion Juicer (not shown), which produces a fine pudding or it may be mixed with the main juice. The product was then pressure canned in liter jars at 15 PSI for 15 minutes for long term storage at room temperature.

Preparing to cook.

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