Horseradish 5 September 2014 Horseradish
One horseradish plant was dug to make horseradish condiment.Th dug roots were trimmed and cleaned in the washing machine.This simplifies the process considerably. The washed roots were further trimmed and the first batch processed. Cold water is used to determine the hotness of the condiment in the blender. Small pieces are blended in the cold water to the desired texture. This only takes a few minutes. After blending the condiment is left for the enzymes to work for about 20 minutes. This determines the hotness. Enzyme action is stopped by adding 5% vinegar to the blended mixture. The vinegar is blended to insure a good mix, then the container is strained to remove the liquid.The finished product is placed in jars and stored in the refrigerator or freezer. I find it seems to keep for a long time meaning months. Half pint jars are about the right size for storage.

Horseradish Roots 7 September 2014 Horseradish.
Remainder of horseradish root made into to four liters of condiment.

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