Hand Crank Corn Sheller.

http://www.durgan.org/URL/?FIVAN 23 October 2014 Hand Crank Corn Sheller.
Hand Crank Corn Sheller was received today and used to shell the last of my Indian corn about ten pounds. It took some internet searching to find a reasonably priced unit. Cost was about $40.00 and shipping and handling was about $36.00. The unit was easy to assemble, but the clamping system was poorly designed. I managed to haywire a suitable system together and clamp to a wash tub to put into operation. Later I will make a wooden box for permanent mounting. The removed kernels bounce a bit so it is best to operate in an easy to sweep area. Operation was simple and the device worked quickly and perfectly. It is ideal for home use. Pictures depict operation.
Hand Crank Corn Sheller

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