Hand Crank Corn Sheller Mounting Method.

http://www.durgan.org/URL/?ELZMC 24 October 2014 Hand Crank Corn Sheller Mounting
System used to mount my new Hand Crank Corn Sheller. Waddling through Home Depot a floor cleaning bucket was found and purchased ($10,00). Two holes were drilled and a board to strengthen the wall and an almost ideal mount was made. It is about 11 inches wide and would probably be better if about 16 inches wide to clear the larger cobs of corn in operation. But this is a minor issue, meaning one must sometimes pull the larger cobs out of the mechanism, rather than have them drop. Also a large stone weight might be placed in the bottom ff the bucket for stand alone stability rather than hold in place while cranking. This would only be an issue if a large number of cobs were processed. Anyway it is simple and effective.
Mounting Corn Sheller

http://www.durgan.org/URL/?XARKD 25 October 2014 Support for Corn sheller. Visiting TSC a farm supply hardware store, a better support was found for the Corn sheller. It appears to be a feeding tough for cattle. Strongly built and cost $16.00. It was purchased and modified for supporting the hand sheller. It addresses the deficiencies mentioned in the above post of the first design. This unit is 16 inches wide which is about perfect. Pictures depict the completed unit.

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