Pressure Cooking Dried Beans. 27 October 2014 Pressure Cooking Dried Beans.
A variety of dried beans was purchased from a bulk food store and pressure cooked.About a cup of each variety was utilized.Some of the names are not known, but a selection of what was available was purchased.

Method. About a cup of each variety of dried bean and a cup of nixtamalized corn was processed. The beans are washed thoroughly and placed in a large pot with water.The pot of beans was boiled for about one half hour. Upon removal from the heat the water is discarded.The beans were thoroughly rinsed and placed in the colander for insertion in the pressure cooker. The amount of water(about three liters) in the pressure cooker does not touch the beans.The colander prevents the beans from foaming and blocking the safety valve.The beans are cooked for at least one hour at 15 PSI. Beans must be fully cooked for digestion.

The beans upon removal from the pressure cooker are placed in a large pot with water and beat into a slurry with the hand blender.This slurry is then placed in containers and frozen for later use. The beans make a quick nourishing addition to meals.About seven liters were prepared. Condiments of choice may be added. Pictures depict the process.
Dried Beans

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