Tortillas 7 November 2014 Tortillas
Basically tortillas have replaced bread in my diet.About three or four tortillas are consumed daily.The corn is grown in my garden and nixtamalized and made into wet masa. The grinding is dead simple by using the blender. The liquid masa is then mixed with maseca, which is typical commercial corn flour, to make the dough of the proper texture for producing tortillas. This product is gluten free which is attractive to some. A quarter liter of corn produces about ten tortillas, which are relatively easy to make on a daily basis. Cooking is on a cast iron pan about 30 seconds each side, then placed in the microwave to balloon up. Photos depict the procedure.
Knife to remove.

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  1. Rosemary says:

    it’s very interesting that you process your home grown corn, nixtamalization. what do use for the alkaline solution?
    thanks for your response. Your blog is very interesting and helpful.

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