Tortillas 28 January 2015 Tortillas
A batch of tortillas was made using garden nixtamalized corn and some commercial masa flour. The corn was made into a smooth texture in the blender with water then mixed with masa flour to get the right texture for forming tortillas. A tablespoon of baking powder was added to get some leavening. The formed tortillas were cooked in the oven at 400F for six minutes in batches of eight on cookie sheets. Alternately they can be cooked in a cast iron pan on top of the stove. The press has parchment paper to prevent sticking on one side of the tortilla and the top side is removed by running a knife edge under the pressed tortilla for ease of handling.The method of mixing means one does not have to grind the wet nixtamalized corn, which is difficult if not impossible at home.
Cooked in Oven

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