Processing Soy Beans

Processing Soy Beans. 31 August 2009 Processing soy beans
Soy bean constitute a portion of my diet. Breakfast consists of a bowl of soy beans and a bowl of oats.

Soy beans are prepared for about a seven day supply for one person. Four cups dry beans are washed and cooked in a pressure cooker. Pressure cooker is used to minimize cooking time. If boiled on the stove, it takes about 6 hours to cook the beans. Soy beans never get mushy with cooking, just soft.

Beans are removed from pressure cooker and water, and sugar added to taste, and boiled about five minutes to mix the contents. The beans are then blended to a fine consistency, and stored in quart jars and kept in the refrigerator. Beans will keep for about ten days. A bowl of beans with a bowl of oats is breakfast. This is low cost and nutritional.

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