European Gooseberry 27 July 2011 European Gooseberry

About 8 quarts of gooseberries were picked from my one European Gooseberry bush. The berries are very large and sweet. They change color slightly when ripe to a rusty red tint, but most are greenish.If allowed to over-ripen they quickly turn soft. Juice was made from the berries. Process was, wash, cover with water, boil gently for about five minutes, beat into a mash using portable blender. Strain through the mechanical sieve, and due to the small seeds a second straining was undertaken using the screen mesh and wooden spoon.

Since I was given a very expensive juicer, the fiber was put through this device to extract as much desirable material as possible.

The juice extracted was then Pressure Canned at 12 PSI for about 25 minutes for long term storage at room temperature.

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