Tomato Celery Beet Juice 1 August 2015 Tomato Celery Beet Juice.
Ten pounds of tomatoes, 5 pounds off celery, and two pounds of beets were made into 14 liter jars of juice.The beets were added to enhance the red color of the juice.Process was to cut into smaller pieces, cover with water in the cooking pot. Cook until soft and beat into a slurry with the hand blender. Strain through a food mill or screen in my case a Victorio. The residue output of the Victorio as put through a Champion Juicer to extract most of the nutrients.Only the most gross cellulose material was discarded. The juice was put into liter jars and pressure canned in two batches of seven at 15 PSI for 15 minutes for long term storage at room temperate.

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