4 September 2015 Pear Juice

http://www.durgan.org/2015/September%202015/4%20September%202015%20Pear%20Juice/HTML/index.htm 4 September 2015 Pear Juice
Forty pounds, a bushel, of purchased pears,$25.00, were allowed to ripen for four days and made into 37 liter jars of pressure canned juice. The stem of the pear was pulled off and the fruit cut into quarters to facilitate cooking.Water was added to the pot to cover the pears. Two batches of 20 pounds each was required. The pears were cooked until soft about 20 minutes, then blended into a homogeneous slurry. The slurry was strained through a food mill with a mesh of 2mm to remove all extraneous material. The residue of the food mill was put through a Champion Juicer to extract all nutrients.The strained juice was placed in liter jar and pressure canned at 15 PSI for 15 minutes for long term storage without refrigeration.Pictures depict the processing.

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  1. lynn lowrie says:

    Really enjoying your website, thank you. I am searching to understand 10lbs versus 15lbs pressure in canning. I have canned both waterbath and pressure for decades. Today with just 2 of us, I’m reducing jar size. First there is no rationale I can find to pressure can 1/2 pt jars the same timing as pint jars (I’m in the US), okay, I’m over that confusion. But I also can see no reason to can at 15lbs the same length of time as 10lbs. NOW, I see YOU are canning at 15lbs pressure, in pints for just a few minutes. Will you please share your knowledge of how you came to this conclusion. I seriously want to understand this discrepancy, but NOBODY online or in government documents even wants to have a discussion about this. A great deal of time and fuel can be saved if I can at 15lbs for a shorter time period. But I must understand what and why I am doing something before I do it. I would really appreciate your incite on this. Thanks, Lynn

  2. Durgan says:

    http://durgan.org/2011/?p=4901 My method and justification of the method of presure canning.

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