13 October 2015 Pemmican

http://www.durgan.org/2015/October%202015/13%20October%202015%20Pemmican/HTML/ 13 October 2015 Pemmican
Pemmican was made from, eye of round beef, mixed vegetables, nixtamalized Indian corn, concord grapes, and cranberries. The vegetables, grapes, and cranberries were dehydrated from previously canned juice. When dehydrated and very dry all the ingredients were made into small pieces in the blender. A pound of unsalted butter was made into ghee and mixed with all the ingredients. The mixture was made into serving sized balls and set side to harden somewhat, then will be individually vacuum packed for storage at room temperature.A teaspoon of ascorbic acid powder was added to the dry ingredients to enhance the vitamin C content.

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