22 October 2015 Horseradish

http://www.durgan.org/2015/October%202015/22%20October%202015%20Horseradish/HTML/ 22 October 2015 Horseradish
One horseradish plant was harvested and made into horseradish condiment. Two root pieces were placed in pots and buried in the ground to overwinter for the 2016 harvest.They will be moved to a final location in the Spring and removed from the pots. The roots obtained were rinsed and placed in a clothes washing machine to give a through cleaning. Roots were made into condiment by simply adding vinegar in a blender and beating to the desired texture. Excess vinegar was drained off through a screen. Extra roots were vacuum packed and stored in the refrigerator. Condiment will be made as required. This method prevents discoloration and means fresh condiment when required. The refrigerated roots last almost indefinitely. If blending large amounts it should be done outdoors, since the fumes can be overwhelming.

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