2 November 2015 Brix of Apples

http://www.durgan.org/2015/November%202015/2%20November%202015%20Brix%20of%20Apples/HTML/index.htm 2 November 2015 Brix of Apples
A variety of apples were purchased and the brix, sugar content, was measured. The optical instrument has a scale of 0 to 31 and the higher the reading the sweeter the measured product is. Most products are from 11 to 15.Here are my measurements. I cook in the microwave for about four minutes.There is a large difference in sweet taste between 11 and 15.
Golden delicious 13
Jona Gold 14
Honey crisp 12
Mutsu 14
Northern spy 15
Royal gala 12
Courtland 14
Tulman sweet 14
Red delicious 15
MacIntosh 11
Ambrosia 13
Shamrock 14
Golden gala 14

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