Chayote Squash

Two choyote squash were purchased from a local supermarket and there will be an attempt to grow them this Summer. 10 March 2016 Chayote Squash Prep for germination. How to Germinate Chayote Squash
Chayote seeds germinate quickly and easily
Chayote (Sechium edule) has long been cultivated throughout Latin America for its edible fruit, but it is a relative newcomer to gardens within the United States. The fast-growing vines emerge in spring and put on 20 to 30 feet of growth in their first year, eventually maturing to 50 feet if grown under warm, humid conditions. Chayote seeds are viviparous, meaning they sprout while still inside the fruit, so the germination process if different from most other common garden plants. However, it is very simple to do and will yield a lush new vine in just a few months.

Place the chayote squash inside a paper bag large enough to accommodate it without being restrictive. Leave the end open to provide air circulation. Set the paper bag in a cool, dry and dark location such as inside a cupboard.

Check for sprouts in three to five weeks. Look for a knob of greenish growth emerging from the pointed end of the fruit. Leave the chayote inside the cupboard for another week or two, or until the growth reaches 2 to 3 inches in length.

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