25 April 2016 Mulch

http://durgan.org/2016/April 2016/25 April 2016 Mulch/HTML 25 April 2016 Mulch
All vegetation in my garden is heavily mulched each year with about one year old wood chips. I purchase at $10.00 per yard plus $30.00 delivery and require ten yards to complete the garden area. It is transported via wheelbarrow to the required area. Each cubic yard is about 7 wheelbarrows full, so a total of 70 loads. The purpose of the chips in my case is to retain moisture. The main vegetable garden is completely covered when the plants get a reasonable size. After the garden is finished in the Fall the chips are rototilled in with a bit of urea, nitrogen, to assist in composting. The chips are almost completely composted come Spring.

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