29 April 2016 Starting Cucumbers

http://durgan.org/2016/May%202016/15%20May%202016%20Cucumbers/HTML/ 15 May 2016 Cucumbers
Cucumbers are thriving in the greenhouse. Planting outdoors is about the end of May.

http://durgan.org/2016/May%202016/6%20May%202016%20Cucumbers%20Germinated/HTML/ 6 May 2016 Cucumbers Germinated
The cucumber seeds germinated in six days from planting. Temperature was from 25 to 30C. The soil was bottom watered.

http://durgan.org/2016/April 2016/29 April 2016 Starting Cucumbers/HTML 29 April 2016 Starting Cucumbers
Four pots of cucumbers were started in the greenhouse for transplanting outdoors at the end of May. This gives the plants an early start about a month ahead of planting the seed directly into the ground. Four seeds in each pot two Cross Country and two National Pickling. Cucumber seeds germinate at high temperatures about 30 degrees C. I find planting two varieties improves pollination. I expect approximately 150 pounds of produce over a four week period. When transplanting the roots are not disturbed even if this means cutting the pot open.

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