27 May 2016 Tehranivee Sweet Cherry

http://durgan.org/2016/May%202016/27%20May%202016%20Tehranivee%20Sweet%20Cherry/HTML/ 27 May 2016 Tehranivee Sweet Cherry

This fine fruit tree grows well but must elude frost and birds particularly robins to get any harvest. The late Spring frost destroyed all fruit the last two years. And three years ago an abundant potential harvest was taken by robins. The tree is too large to physically cover economically. I am trying a plastic hawk as a deterrent this year, plus a bit of fiber glass screening. The fruit is almost as good as that from BC but not as abundant.

The cultivars Tehranivee, are self-fruitful, requiring no cross-pollination.A new mahogany coloured self fertile sweet cherry with black-red juice. Tehranivee has excellent flavor as well as size, sweetness and firmness. Bred by famed Canadian researcher Gus Tehrani, it was released in 1996, from the Vineland Ontario Station and is a cross of Van and Stella.

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