2 September 2016 Garlic bed

http://durgan.org/2016/September%202016/2%20September%202016%20Garlic%20bed/HTML/ 2 September 2016 Garlic bed (for 2016\2017 crop).

A garlic bed was prepared 8 feet by 10 feet for about 100 main crop plants seven rows, two rows for 30 rounds, and one row for 50 bulbils. The bed row is marked with a board and covered with wood chip mulch to retain moisture until planted about the middle of October. The row spacing is nine inches and the plants separated in the rows at six inches. The marker boards will be removed at planting and the bulbils, rounds and cloves mulch to a depth of about three inches. The stems of the plants have no difficulty pushing through the mulch in the Spring, and mulch limits fluctuations in temperature during the Winter.

http://durgan.org/2016/September%202016/13%20September%202016%20Wood%20chip%20mulch/HTML/ 13 September 2016 Wood chip mulch
The mulch was not thick enough on the prepared garlic bed. I bought half a yard from a seller nearby and applied it to the bed. The marker boards were cleared of mulch and will be removed when the garlic is planted in about a month, October. The mulch is transported in my van in a half yard capacity box for $5.00 per load. It is moved to the garden area in a wheelbarrow. About 7 wheelbarrows is a yard of material.

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