21 Ocober 2016 Making Dried Tomato Powder.

http://durgan.org/2016/October%202016/21%20Ocober%202016%20Making%20Dried%20Tomato%20Powder./HTML/ 21 October 2016 Making Dried Tomato Powder.
Four trays of 750 ml each of tomatoes were made into a slurry, dehydrated and stored as a powder. These are the tomatoes ripening in the house. There are too many for immediate use, so this is the chosen storage method. Process is to blend into a slurry of about 750 ml with the addition of half a cup of nixtamalized corn to each blender full. The nixtamalized corn prevents the slurry from sticking to the pan when dehydrating. The dried slurry is scraped off into a plastic container to prevent the brittle pieces from flying all over. The dehydrator,Excalibur, was set at 125F for ten hours until dry. Storage is 250 ml canning jars.

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