27 November 2016 Sprouted Soy Beans

http://durgan.org/2016/November%202016/27%20November%202016%20Sprouted%20Soy%20Beans/HTML/ 27 November 2016 Sprouted Soy Beans
Recently an interest was aroused regarding the various uses of soy beans. They are used daily cooked for breakfast in my household. Koreans use the beans sprouted so I determined to experiment. I always have them stored in a plastic can in the basement.

The procedure to sprout is wash, soak for 12 hours, and set in a draining tray to sprout in 3 to 5 days. Rinsing every 12 hours is essential to prevent mold from forming. My beans are about a year old and appear to be sporadic in germinating. Any sign of a sprout forming is adequate for producing the health wise benefits. After three days the sprouted beans were removed and the remainder was put back to see if they would sprout more.

The sprouted beans may be eaten raw or cooked as desired. This is my first attempt at consuming so I chose to eat raw, dressed with some apple vinegar and a touch of olive oil. What a pleasant surprise. The texture is a bit crispy, taste is most pleasant, a bit nutty flavoured. The raw beans make a wonderful salad in the off growing season months, and are easy to produce.

Tested sprouting beans are very expensive on the Internet. I have a new supply coming in December which are simply normal field soy beans. My relatively poor germination may be attributed to old beans, which further testing will determine. Field soy are very cheap and many grow in my area.

http://durgan.org/2016/December%202016/2%20December%202016%20Soy%20Bean%20Yield/HTML/ 2 December 2016 Soy Bean Yield
Another sprouting was done with the current supply of soy beans to test yield. The jar method was used and brewing was three days. The sprouted beans were sorted out. This is insufficient. The sprouts are good quality and pleasant tasting. Another test will be implemented when a new supply of beans is obtained.

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