Concord Grapes 16 September 2011 Concord Grapes

Thirty pounds of pristine Concord grapes were picked from my one vine,and made into juice. Twelve liters of juice was made from 30 pounds of grapes. Between two and three pounds of grapes for each liter. There were only about five earwigs found in the clusters.

Method: Cut grapes off the vines and each cluster inspected for damage to the fruit and damaged fruit removed. Washed,Weighed, then the grapes were removed from the cluster support by swiping with minor hand pressure across a one inch mesh plastic screen. This only took about five minutes per ten pounds.

The first batch of ten pounds were simply juiced without adding any water. (The result was considered too thick so a liter of water was added to each ten pound batch to thin somewhat. The grapes were mashed with a potato masher with a liter of water added, then brought to a boil, and made into a mash with the portable hand blender. The mixture was then put through a screen to remove the fiber from the juice. The screen was small enough to prevent any seeds from passing through. Juice was placed in liter jars and pressure canned at 12 PSI for 15 minutes.

This is a superb grape for the table. One of my favorites.

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