3 April 2017 Garlic

http://durgan.org/2017/April%202017/3%20April%202017%20Garlic/HTML/ 3 April 2017 Garlic

Garlic, hard neck white, type no name, planted in October 2016 is up and growing well. Different this year is an attempt to use one year growth Rounds as the main crop. This procedure leaves more of the main crop for consumption.

Method is to plant a row bulbils (sterile seeds) in the Fall. These will mature into one single bulb called a Round. The Round is then planted and the following year will produce about 4 cloves exactly like the original parent. Typically normal garlic is used for propagation meaning a large part of the garlic is used for propagation. This is a waste. My previous experiments indicate that the bulbil, round route to harvest is easy and practicl with no reduction in quality.

http://durgan.org/2016/October%202016/16%20October%202016%20Planting%20Garlic/HTML/ 16 October 2016 Planting Garlic
Garlic was planted today. Two rows of bulbils (60), two rows of one year rounds (40), one row of typical cloves for comparison (20), and five rows of one year old rounds (100) which is the main crop. The bed was prepared earlier, covered with wood chip mulch. The soil is a good texture with compost and moisture. The cloves were pushed into the soil to make firm contact. The bed was heavily wood chipped and the plants have no difficulty pushing through in the Spring. The bed requires no care except maybe some water if the season is dry. Nothing attack my garlic and it is always excellent quality.

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