5 April 2017 LED light (Plant Growing)

http://durgan.org/2017/April%202017/5%20April%202017%20LED%20light/HTML/ 5 April 2017 LED light

Four growing containers were made to facilitate small plant growth. There is room for six pots in each bucket for a total of 24 which is a reasonable amount for a home grower. Various seeds are started and grown to a reasonable size prior to placing in outdoor garden about May 25. Experimentation indicates the light is adequate for the purpose indicated, precluding much more expensive lights. Main advantage being very little heat is produced by LED lights.

Details of construction. The parts used were obtained locally 22 liter bucket beverage trade, 110 volt fan ordered off the internet, LED lamp from the local hardware store. lamp fitting a trouble lamp cord and socket. Vent holes and fan hole were made using a soldering iron and melting the plastic as required. Approximate cost: bucket $3.00, fan $25.00,LED Lamp $40.00,lamp electrical fitting $12.00. Total cost ~$80.00.They should last several years. Power consumption LED and fan is about 35 watts.

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