15 April 2017 Cross Country Cucumbers.

http://durgan.org/2017/April%202017/15%20April%202017%20Cross%20Country%20Cucumbers./HTML/ 15 April 2017 Cross Country Cucumbers
Cucumber seeds are started about a month before they are planted in the outdoor garden. This gives a harvest about a month earlier than if planted directly in the ground. Cucumbers do not transplant well if the roots are disturbed, so care must be taken when planting even cutting the pot to prevent disturbance. The seeds were placed between the folds of a wetted coffee filter to germinate which took about three days at room temperature. Two seeds were planted per pot, in home potting soil, and placed in my NEW bucket container using a LED lamp. Germination and growth is assured. Cross Country Cucumber is a hybrid excellent for slicing and juicing and most prolific.

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