25 April 2017 Planting Carrots Board Method

http://durgan.org/2017/April%202017/25%20April%202017%20Planting%20Carrots%20Board%20Method/HTML/ 25 April 2017 Planting Carrots Board Method
Carrot seed to obtain good germination and spacing some steps can be taken. Encapsulate the seeds to make them larger and easier to handle, and use the board method to improve germination. Adequate seed spacing at planting means no thinning of very small plants is required. Covering the seeds with a board prevents the seeds from drying out due to hot sun and moderates the soil temperature (Carrots will not germinate above 80F), and from getting moved by heavy rainfall until the plant is established. The board covering is raised with cross pieces so the emerging plant has some vertical growing space before being removed. The board is removed immediately upon the plants emerging. The board method improves germination for most seeds.

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