30 April 2017 Cooking soy beans for making tempeh

http://durgan.org/2017/April%202017/30%20April%202017%20Cooking%20soy%20beans%20for%20making%20tempeh/HTML/ 30 April 2017 Cooking soy beans for making tempeh
A half liter of dried soy beans were processed and frozen for making tempeh. This is my first attempt at the process. The skins were previously removed. The beans were pressure cooked for 60 minutes at 15 PSI. A tablespoon of cider vinegar was then added, this acts like a catalyst on the activating culture. There is no place locally to purchase tempeh starter. I have ordered the tempeh starter culture from the Internet and will proceed to making tempeh upon its arrival.
Today from a Goodness Me store I bought a frozen block of tempeh cost $5.00. It was then sliced and fried in butter. It is similar to Natto in nutrients without the strong taste.

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