14 May 2017 Pontiac Red Potatoes

http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/14%20May%202017%20Pontiac%20Red%20Potatoes/HTML/ 14 May 2017 Pontiac Red Potatoes
Sixteen Red Pontiac potatoes were planted in the outdoor garden. The potatoes were chitted for about month in the greenhouse to form a strong root system. Spacing in the row was about one foot center to center. Row width on each side is two feet. The center of the plant was marked with a stake, since come harvest there is no vegetation left and fork damage is lessened knowing the potato center. Expectation is 4 pounds from each plant.

8 June 2017 Red Pontiac Potatoes (Growth to date)
http://durgan.org/2017/June%202017/8%20June%202017%20Red%20Pontiac%20Potatoes/HTML/ 8 June 2017 Red Pontiac Potatoes
The chitted potatoes are growing well. Only five Colorado Potato Beetles have been found and they were immature not laying eggs yet.

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