31 May 2017 Mulching

http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/31%20May%202017%20Mulching/HTML/ 31 May 2017 Mulching
A ten yard (~70 wheelbarrows) load of wood chips were delivered to my driveway and over a few days will be used to mulch all areas of my garden. Cost of chips was $10.00 per yard plus a 30 dollar delivery charge. The chips are transported by wheelbarrow to the area required. If the plants are small the chips are placed by hand otherwise raked in close to the plants. My main purpose of the mulch is to retain moisture by reducing evaporation by the Sun heat. All weeds were removed prior to mulching. Wood chips are ideal for mulch, since rain water can permeate, and the chips are heavy enough to stay n place under normal circumstances.

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