3 September 2017 Garlic Juice

http://durgan.org/2017/September%202017/3%20September%202017%20Garlic%20Juice/HTML/ 3 September 2017 Garlic Juice
Five hundred grams of hard neck garlic was processed into about 150 grams of juice. Process was to remove the clove skins using a tortilla press. The skins lift off after being crushed. The crushed garlic was put through a Champion Juicer. The residue is dehydrated and will be used as a food garnish. The juice was placed in 10 gram compartments and frozen for a daily serving. I melt one container in my morning coffee. Raw garlic is touted to have some beneficial benefits, and this method is found to be acceptable. I have a large quantity of garlic from my garden.

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