Cracking Black Walnuts(Juglans nigra) 24 October 2011 Cracking Black Walnuts(Juglans nigra)

The Black Walnuts(Juglans nigra)is avoided by most people due to the effort required to crack, and obtain the meat. The meat is enveloped in a structure, with small ribs or folds over the meat. Even when the meat is exposed, the ribs hold the meat, unless this is broken. The meat is in four quadrants around the longitudinal axes of the nut.

Presented is tool combination, that successfully cracks the nut almost completely, and exposed the meat, which is readily collected.

A heavy wooden block, smaller inner pulley which supports the shoulder, sharp or pointed end down,of the nut. The outer pulley limits travel of the hammer, and prevents crushing of the meat. A heavy hammer is necessary to prevent bouncing when smacking the nut. The nut rib structure is broken and the meat separates from the four quadrants of the nut. Collection is almost complete, simply by picking up the meat pieces.

The nuts must be slightly dry. The one in this demonstration have been dried for five days. Happy nutting.

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