19 October 2017 Planting Main Crop of Garlic

http://durgan.org/2017/October%202017/19%20October2017%20%20Planing%20Main%20Crop%20of%20Garlic/HTML/ 19 October2017 Planting Main Crop of Garlic
The main crop of garlic was planted using bulbils, rounds matured. This allows the total main crop to be utilized for market. A total of 140 cloves were planted. Time to plant three hours. Spacing was 6 inches and a depth of two inches. The rows were covered with mulch after planting. The small shoots have no difficulty in penetrating the mulch. The bed requires no maintenance until harvest. The cloves are smaller than using the typical method but this not obvious. Harvest is next July or August 2018

http://durgan.org/2018/April%202018/10%20April%202018%20Garlic%20Growing/HTML/index.htm 10 April 2018 Garlic Growing
Garlic is starting to grow. There was snow a few days ago. The first sign of warm weather and garlic starts growing in the Spring. It looks very healthy.

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