Decarboxylation Marijuana Using Pressure Canner and Making Cannabutter.

Preparing marijuana for making edibles. Decarboxylation and making cannabutter The initial process is called decarboxylation. This procedure works fine with minimum effort. This procedure removes the work out of trimming the raw product.
Here is the vanilla method of Decarboxylation Marijuana Using Pressure Canner. .
Raw (300) grams just plucked bud. Trim the gross leaves. Stuff into a one liter jar and cover with a canning top and place in a Pressure Canner. My canner Presto accommodate 7 jars. Properly pressure can at 15 PSI for 1.5 hours. Let cool,store and use as required. Each jar is decarboxylated ready to make cannabutter. The jars are vacuum sealed and should keep for a long periods.

Making Cannabutter using double boiler.
One half pound of not salted butter, one liter of water, a liter of prepared decarboxylated marijuana. Mix together in the double boiler. Cook with lid on for three hours, stir occasionally. Cool in a bowl, strain the gross material, place in the refrigerator until, layers form, 6 hours or overnight. Discard the water. Store in the refrigerator.The residue is cannabutter. Use as required.

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