Cooking Soybeans 25 October 2011 Cooking Soy Beans

A bowl of soy beans is ingested for breakfast daily. A 10 Day supply is made at each cooking interval. These beans are my substitute for eggs and meat of which I seldom eat.

Method. Purchased in 10 kilo bags and stored in a plastic container. Three large cups are cooked in my pressure cooker. The beans are washed, boiled for about 15 minutes and the water is discarded. Beans are placed in a colander and put into the pressure cooker, air is removed, then cooked for about two hours at 15 PSI. When removed from the pressure cooker, water is added and some molasses for flavour, and boiled for about ten minutes to mix. Then blended and placed in litre jars, and stored in the refrigerator. They will keep for about two weeks without spoiling. A bowl full is eaten each morning for breakfast. All beans must be thoroughly cooked to facilitate digestion.

Other beans are cooked in a similar fashion, except for the blending and the addition of spices of choice. Beans must be cooked, and often peoples dislike of this amazing food is due to under cooking. Soy beans retain their shape with cooking.

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