23 December 2017 Kefir

Preparation of kefir. This takes a few minutes. Experience has indicated that the culture is present throughout the fermented kefir, meaning there is no point in straining the grains out. Homogenized milk (400ml) is mixed with a tablespoon of solids and placed in a 20C area for 24 hours until the solids and whey separate. I simply stir the mixture and drink a glass daily. Pictures depict the procedure.

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  1. Hi Durgan, I hope this finds you well. I wanted to comment regarding your wheat tempeh not being bound together in the centre. This is because the mold for tempeh “Rhyzopus oligosporus” does not grow well or at all on the bran and husk of cereals or lugumes respectively. This is why traditional methods use “de-hulled” soy beans. You can experiment with brown rice vs white rice to see the difference if you are interested in making a cereal grain-based tempeh. I was the first person to commercially make tempeh here in Adelaide, South Australia in 1979 and over the years have done many experiments. It can be a very adventurous field. I hope the kefir grains you purchased from us are doing well in your neck of the woods. I must read your blog on your experiences with kefir. Be-well wishes, Dom

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