Preserving Garden Produce.

My comment is somewhat philosophical.

Utilizing the bounty of Summer for off season use is the aim. People preserve produce and the product is only desirable for short periods. I know a lady who has a basement with many jars of preserves that never get used. They preserve (keep) but are palatable in small amounts. For example, How much sauerkraut, dill pickles, salsa, etc. can your eat and is it sufficient?

After musing about this issue for some time I decided to experiment with juicing and pressure canning. I find the end product to be desirable and it is probably nutritional. I add nothing to the produce except water. Preparation time is minimal, since I basically take the produce as is and process. This year I have about 150 litres of wholesome food and ingest about half a litre or more per day. 6 August 2011 Making Vegetable Juice 6 August 2011 Green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers made into Juice. 10 August 2011 Tomato Juice 15 August 2011 Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis) Extracting Raw Juice. 26 August 2011 Elderberry Twenty pounds Processed. 31 August 2011 Niagara Grapes 12 September 2011 Pear Juice 14 September 2011 Boca Noir Grapes 15 September 2011 Tomatoes 16 September 2011 Concord Grapes 4 October 2011 Ground Cherry. (Physalis Pruinosa) aka Aunt Molly Ground Cherry 27 October 2011 Apple Juice Processing

Reflect on it a bit and comment.

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