6 April 2018 Kefir

http://durgan.org/2018/April%202018/6%20April%202018%20Kefir/HTML/ 6 April 2018 Kefir

A person (erka) in Vancouver sent some dried kefir grains sprinkled with milk powder. I placed them in fresh milk and in two ferments of 24 hours each the grain growth was amazing. I now have them on the third ferment. In the same package there were some fresh grains in a plastic bag and they have not grown even after two ferments.

http://durgan.org/2018/April%202018/7%20April%202018%20Kefir/HTML/ 7 April 2018 Kefir
The Vancouver grains. The dried ones are now mature and will be used normally. The wet ones are coming to life they are fermenting again with fresh milk. It took about 60 hours to see some fermentation.
From this sample of one, it appears dried grains are best for shipping.

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