15 June 2018 Sheet and Shake (SS) to pick berries.

http://durgan.org/2012/June%202012/15%20June%202018%20Sheet%20and%20Shake/HTML/ 15 June 2018 Sheet and Shake to pick berries.
Introduced to Haskap berries in the home garden a few years ago, I got a few pounds and found they were tedious to pick manually. It was discovered that the berries drop easily off the bush.I decided to experiment.

A bed sheet was cut in half and tucked under the haskap bush to be picked. The bush was shaken and the berries dropped onto the sheet readily. Six bushes were treated the same way and the berries were placed in a container. The debris was removed by winnowing using a leaf blower. It appears to be an ideal method of manually picking Haskap berries in a home garden. The sheet is readily placed in position and after picking folded and the berries are dumped in a container. There is no need to place the sheet on the opposite side of the bush, since the bush has enough elasticity to be placed over the sheet. I hereby christen the method SS or, Sheet and Shake method.

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