18 July 2018 Watering

http://durgan.org/2018/July%202018/18%20July%202018%20Watering/HTML/ 18 July 2018 Watering
The garden needs watering. There are four barrels which trap roof run off, but if there is insufficient city water is used. Delivery is via hose. When placing plants in the ground the roots are marked with four foot fiber rods. To water say potatoes the hose is placed over the wand and the liquid is directed at the roots for maximum effect. The garden is watered in segments. Tomato plants are watered by hand using a pail. No area watering is practiced, only direct root watering to conserve and for maximum effect. The inter space between rows is mulched to reduce the evaporation effect. Watering is tedious and not done unless absolutely necessary.

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