23 July 2018 Blueberry Juice

http://durgan.org/2018/July%202018/23%20July%202018%20Blueberry%20Juice/HTML/23 July 2018 Blueberry Juice
Twenty seven pounds of blueberries were picked and processed into 21 liters of pressure canned juice. Only water was added the berries. Th berries were picked in clumps and culled after. Picking clean take more time and water cleaning after is probably quicker and as effective.
Process was clean, cull and wash, add about five liters of water.Cook until soft approximately 20 minutes and blend into a slurry. Batches of about 15 pounds are ideal for my setup. The slurry was then put through a food mill screen with a mesh of 2mm. There is very little gross fiber in ‘blueberries. The strained juice was then placed in batches of seven for pressure canning at 15 PSI for 15 minutes for long term storage at room temperature. The pressure canner holds seven 1 liter jars so three batches were required for the 21 jars.Annotated pictures depict the process. Total canned to date of blueberries is 53, probably enough for my requirements. Th berries pick your own were $2.85 per pound. The berries are excellent quality this year.

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