Brussels Sprouts (Jade Cross) 5 November 2011 Brussels Sprouts (Jade Cross)Juicing.

Twelve Brussels Sprouts (Jade Cross)are usually planted each year and often they are not used. This year juice was made out of some. A total weight of six pounds were processed. Some celery and parsley was added for flavour.

Method. Remove from stalk and cull,Place in a suitable pot,cover with water and boil gently until soft, then beat into a mash using a hand blender. Strain through the hand strainer. The residue from the hand strainer was put through my Champion juicer to extract maximum nutrients. The extracted juice was placed in litre jars and Pressure Canned at 12 PSI for 15 minutes for storage at room temperature.

The sprouts were not pristine this year due to my neglect in not watering at the appropriate time. July was droughty and I concentrated on higher priority plants with the watering. I have grown perfect large sprouts in the past. They grow well in my area.

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