Tools for making Pressure Canned Juice.

Pressure canned home juice appears to be an ideal method of preserving almost any plant material for long term storage at room temperature. The material is of full nutritional value if chosen at the height of the growing season.

Tools required are:
A cooking pot.
Hand blender.
A Food mill strainer 2 mm mesh.
A 23 liter Pressure cooker.
Liter jars

Method is:
Cut the material in small pieces, Cover in water, cook until soft, Hand blend into a slurry.
Strain the material through a Food mill strainer with 2 mm mesh.
Place the strained juice in liter jars and pressure can at 15 PSI for 15 minutes.

The method is applicable for any plant material. The end product is readily available nutrients with little preparation. It is a strong drinkable addition for any diet.

Example. 3 August 2018 Four Plant Juice

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