The Home Garden 27 June 2007 The Home Garden

Looking back on the garden pictures, since I took over this property 0.4 acre, in the Fall of 2003, 2007 was the best year for weather.Many plants have been added and various beds enlarged over the intervening years.

The yard was water impregnated clay and all grass. I put in about 300 feet of five inch plastic weeping tile in a two foot trench by hand to improve drainage.The slope was about two feet from back of the yard to the front, so the drainage was directed to the front city storm drains. The clay was mixed with compost about 100 yards over six years.

My style and techniques have changed as required. Now I use much wood chip mulch, and have determined which vegetables grow the best.About ten yards of compost is added supplied free of charge from the city during the month of May. A half a yard is allowed each day, and is transported via a box in the back of the van. I try to add some significant plant each year.

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