Over the next few weeks the plan is to dehydrate various plant material. The purpose is food preservation for long term storage meaning a year or less at essentially room temperature.

The material will be in liquid form and placed on cookie sheets and placed in an Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator to remove all the moisture. The temperature will be set at ~50C. The dried material will be powdered in the blender and stored in jars or vacuum packed. To ingest the material will be re-hydrated with water in a ratio of two parts water to one part plant material.

I have about 400 Pressure Canned liter jars and all that is necessary is to pour contents of a jar on a tray and dehydrate. Sticking to the trays is solved by lightly greasing the tray with cooking oil and removing the dehydrated skin using a spatula. 25 August 2018 Sample

_____________________________________________________________________________ 25 August 2018 Dehydrating Vegetables
A batch of vegetables was finished dehydrating. The product was reduced in the blender and placed in a storage container. Time was about ten hours. A new batch taken from some opened Pressure canned juice was mixed and placed in a dehydration tray. The tray was lightly oiled to prevent sticking.

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