28 August 2018 Vegetables for dehydrating

http://durgan.org/2018/August%202018/28%20August%202018%20Vegetables%20for%20dehydrating/HTML/ 28 August 2018 Vegetables for dehydrating
Garden vegetables were picked and processed for dehydrating into a powder for storage at room temperature. Vegetables available are carrots, beets, onion, daikon, kale, tomato, pepper and green beans. The process is to cook and make a slurry, then strain through a food mill with a 2 mm mesh screen. The residue from the food mill is put through a Champion juicer to obtain the maximum nutrients. The juice is then pressure cooked in liter jars.Each liter jar is about three servings when reduced to a dried powder. The drying process will be added when available in the next few days.

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