14 February 2019 Garlic (Processing)

http://durgan.org/2019/February%202019/14%20February%202019%20Garlic/HTML/ 14 February 2019 Garlic
Seven bulbs of my stored garlic were processed for daily consumption. Maximum garlic benefits are achieved by ingesting garlic crushed and raw. To make ingesting tolerable I mix the daily plug of garlic with oat milk which effectively inhibits the burning sensation. Processing consists of removing the cloves from the bulb splitting with a table knife. Each clove is crushed with a conventional tortilla press and the skin is lifted off. The skinned garlic is then put through a Champion juice to crush. The pulp and juice is then mixed together, placed in a mold for freezing. One plug is ingested daily with my morning drink. Beneficial I don’t really know.

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